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"Emotional Objectivity"
Dr. Robert Marzano says teachers need "Emotional Objectivity" when engaging in classroom management.  The
key to having it is according to Dr. Marzano "mindset".  Emotional objectivity is almost an oxymoron.  I think what
he means is that teachers need to try to avoid generating a dysfunctional amount of emotion, or at least not let
their emotions negatively impact their judgment and actions regarding students.  "Mindset" is really how we
choose to think about, or look at things.  Thoughts cause feelings, not events.  Attitude is always the father of
When people generate a dysfunctional amount of emotion, it makes them more likely to react to life events rather
than respond to them.  It makes them less response-able, or less able to respond in the best possible way.  They
have less response-ability.  By being more reactive, people are more likely to make mistakes.  That's true
whether they are a teacher or student.  Having more emotion than is necessary or helpful makes it harder for
people to access and act on helpful advice and information.  It makes it less likely people will consider
consequences before acting.